Human Developmental Biology Resource (HDBR)

In House Gene Expression Service (IHGES)

As a service to registered Users, the HDBR will undertake gene expression studies on human embryonic/fetal material for a charge per project. We usually carry out in-situ hybridisation or immunocytochemistry experiments and these can be to either paraffin wax or cryostat sections.  

Summary of the In House Gene Expression Service:

  1. Projects qualify for the In House Gene Expression Service if they are registered with the HDBR, and involve the analysis of gene expression patterns by in-situ hybridisation on human embryonic/fetal sections of HDBR origin.
  2. HDBR core-funded staff will carry out in-situ hybridisation or immunohistochemistry studies on the human developmental stages and tissues appropriate for the Users' project.
  3. When the study is complete, HDBR will provide the Users with electronic images showing the results of the study as appropriate for publication and/or other types of data presentation.
  4. HDBR staff will assist Users in the interpretation of their gene expression patterns in relation to embryonic/fetal anatomy and to relevant literature studies provided by the User.
To apply to use this service or any of the material supplied by the HDBR please fill in the relevant forms on our apply page.  
Gene expression data generated through the use of HDBR material is added to our gene expression database